CDC Adds Mood Disorders and Mental Illness to the List of High-risk Individuals Eligible for Booster Shots

CDC Adds Mood Disorders and Mental Illness to the List of High-risk Individuals Eligible for Booster Shots

Amidst the never-ending stream of allegedly conflicting information coming out of the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC), the CDC is now suggesting that mood disorders put people at higher risk of severe COVID-19 infection, according to one report. Seriously? At this point, how can anyone trust anything that comes out of the CDC?

According to the Washington Post, “ When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention added mood disorders to the list of conditions that put people at high risk for severe covid-19 recently, clinicians were not surprised. The mind-body connection, they say, is long-settled research

But the scientific seal of approval is still critical: It makes millions of people eligible for booster shots based on their mental health diagnosis alone and gives vulnerable groups more reason to protect themselves. ”

Is it strange that we have health experts analyzing data to tell us who is likely to die from covid-19 while revealing minimum data on why the vaccine and the booster continues to drop in efficacy as breakthrough cases and death of the fully vaccinated continues to rise? 

According to one study from the National Library of Medicine,  “individuals with schizophrenia were the second-likeliest group to die of covid-19, after the elderly.” The scientific advisory chairperson of the study, Roger S. McIntyre, alleges “The study found a strong link between preexisting mood disorders and hospitalization and death, even when adjusting for smoking, comorbidities such as heart disease, and insecurity in health care, housing and employment,” he said.   

Does this seem like more COVID Fear-mongering? Should we just ignore the thousands of breakthrough cases among the fully vaccinated and the adverse side effects from COVID vaccines and push forward with booster shots? Something is wrong with this whole picture. Wake up America!

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