Cartels Openly Smuggle Migrants into Heart of Texas

Cartels Openly Smuggle Migrants into Heart of Texas

Adding yet another layer to the fragile state of the border crisis under the watch of the Biden regime, a recent Breitbart report revealed that “Cartel-connected human smugglers moved their operations from hiding in the remote outskirts of Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, Mexico to the heart of this Texas border city less than one hundred yards from the Roma International Bridge. The smugglers faced no opposition from Mexican law enforcement authorities as they crossed hundreds of Central American migrants into the United States.

The report revealed an exclusive video of “traffickers bringing the migrants across the Rio Grande and delivering them into the hands of Army National Guard troops patrolling the riverbank,” adding that the smugglers made no pretense of attempting to hide their activity. According to the Breitbart Texas report, “A Border Patrol agent, not authorized to speak to the media, says the cartels decided to move their operations closer to the heart of the city. When asked why he thought Mexican law enforcement were not stopping the cartel smuggling, which is also illegal in Mexico, he said, ‘because they work for the cartel’.

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