Breaking: Japan Chooses Ivermectin over Covid Vaccine and Ends COVID Almost Overnight!

Breaking: Japan Chooses Ivermectin over Covid Vaccine and Ends COVID Almost Overnight!

On Wednesday, Sweden’s Public Health Agency halted the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine among its young adults over concerns of rare side effects to the heart, according to a HAL Turner Radio Show article. As the United States continues to use vaccines and boosters to combat COVID-19 with often unsuccessful results as more variants, breakthrough cases, and rare side effects are becoming commonplace, other countries like Sweden have turned to the use of Ivermectin with very successful results.

In fact, Japan’s choice to drop the vax rollout and turn to Ivermectin “has proven, in less than ONE Month, that Ivermectin can wipe out the disease,” according to a recent article from The 2nd News. “Finland recently joined Sweden, Denmark, and Norway in recommending against the use of Moderna Inc.’s Covid-19 vaccine in younger age groups, citing risks of rare cardiovascular side effects, '' the article noted. 

Hal Turner published an Editorial Opinion that should open our eyes and move us to ask the question: “Why is our government continuing to push vaccines, when we have verifiable case studies from other countries that show us how COVID can be eradicated with Ivermectin?” 

Read the full article from the above link. Here is Hal Turner’s conclusion:

If your government really wanted to end COVID, if that was its true goal, it would do what Japan did.

You can use Japan as a case study any time someone starts yammering some crap about how the vax is about helping you help yourself from getting others sick with what they've been vaxed against.

You use it as a case study when they try to make some lame argument about how the government is really really really trying its best to end COVID and it is the MAGA crowd that is causing the variants and keeping the virus around.

Japan stopped vaxing.  Japan went to IVM.  Japan is COVID-free. It did it in less than a month!

So if your government won't do what Japan did, now that JAPAN HAS BEAT COVID, what does it say about your government?

It says the conspiracy theorists were right! They were right. It is a damning conviction of the narrative that the government is somehow a benevolent force against you getting viruses.

No, because we now have historic precedent of a government doing the right thing and getting the WIN.

If your government won't do it, it is because the vax is about something other than the public good.

Hmmmm. What could it be about? How about totalitarian control!

Japan got started vaxing later, and quit earlier than Massachusetts. Massachusetts is still fighting COVID with a couple thousand breakthrough cases per week. Japan is done.

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