Bannon: Donors Making Big Move Against Trump to Get Him ‘Out of the Way’


Stephen K. Bannon exposed the Republican Party’s donors “big move” against President Donald Trump.

On War Room, Friday, Bannon explained the connection between the New York Times narrative that Trump is “fading away,” and Politico’s piece on Ron DeSantis as the “nicer” Trump.

“The donor class is making a big move on President Trump right now,” Bannon said. “That move is highlighting these other people. The point is they want Trump out of the way.

“And in particular they want Trumpism out of the way,” he said. 

Bannon emphasized he is a fan of DeSantis, but said to be weary of donors trying to influence the party.

“The people that really hate [Trump] are the donor class,” Bannon said. “They want Trumpism to go away, the combination of populism and nationalism. It’s the future of a broad coalition of working class people of every race, every ethnicity, ever religion.”