All sides have distrust in voting machines

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                                            All sides have distrust in voting machines

In our current times, we are all fed misdirection to hinder those people who look for the truth. For almost two years, anyone involved in the election integrity movement has been told that our elections are safe and secure. Almost every state has had a politician say that our elections are the “gold standard.” When a person mentions evidence, the same politicians will avert their eyes, call us crazy or in extreme cases, call us domestic terrorists because we believe, “the big lie.” There was a big lie, but it was not my fellow patriots that were doing the lying. I believe that our elected officials are the ones either unknowingly saying the election of 2020 was not stolen or they are corrupt bureaucrats that want to be selected and not elected. How could they steal our election, how could they gain control of an entire country, and how could they put a feeble crypt keeper in chief into office?

There are many forms of fraud, and it was not one method that caused a stolen election, it was a death by a thousand cuts. I will eventually draft articles on the many different methods that were used to steal the election, but in this article, I would like to discuss only one of the methods. This article will be focused on why it is hard for us to trust the voting machines we use in every election and how they can be hacked. This article shows that the same point of view comes from both sides of the aisle, and while the opinions of those on the left have changed in the past three years, both sides have cried wolf on this subject.

The beginning

It was June 15th, 2015, and when Donald Trump descended the escalator to make the famous speech announcing his entry into the race for President of the United States. The primary was hard fought but from the first debate it seemed like the people were behind Trump because he was saying exactly what so many people wanted to hear. During the primary he went against formidable opponents, Jeb Bush, who was former governor of Florida and younger brother to George W. Bush. For Republicans, Jeb was seen as the favorite by the media because of his family’s storied history. Another notable name in the primary was senator Ted Cruz, from Texas, well known to be great in debates and was probably Trump’s biggest challenger, yet even he lost against Donald Trump.

After the primary was over and prior to the general election and the mainstream media heavily targeted Donald Trump with negative advertising to force a narrative and paint Trump in a negative light. Donald Trump was seen as a joke and Hillary was automatically seen as the victor from the very beginning of the election season. Hillary would be the victor, with polls giving her a 90% chance of winning up until the election.(footnote[1]) The 2016 election was seen as insiders vs outsiders and because the press was so big-headed the election would become the biggest underdog win in election history. On November 9th, 2016, Donald Trump was announced the winner and since that win, the mantra has been that “the machines could not be trusted.”

 The Russian Hacking?

                How hot was the 2016 election? It was red hot with a side of ghost pepper; at a news conference in Florida one year after he announced his candidacy for the Presidency, He started to discuss Hillary’s missing emails, saying that Russia should find and reveal them. Donald Trump seemed to be making the point that Hillary had committed a crime, and he used Russia to do so but in speaking of Hillary’s possible espionage, others started to say, he had committed espionage. This conference in Florida seemed to be the beginning of the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax.(footnote[2])

A month after Donald Trump’s news conference in Florida, it was reported that Russia hackers targeted the Arizona election system. Reports in the media were that Russia had hacked into the voter registration data of the 2016 election, which was later expanded to thirty-eight other states in 2017.(footnote[3]/[4])  Then November 8th came, leaving Hillary and her allies to try and politically destroy the man that crushed her dream again.

Unfortunately for Trump, his victory did not stop the constant barrage of insults, calling him an illegitimate president, or comments that he stole the election with Vladimir Putin. (footnote[5]) All accusations led to a full investigation into Donald Trump. The Russia, Russia, Russia investigation led to an especially important question that is the main topic of my article. Can our voting machines be hacked, and our elections be stolen because of this?

In a report from the Brennan Center for Justice, it discusses about how old the election machines are, the strange process used for getting replacement parts(eBay) due to the age of the machines and discussed how the software used in the voting machines could be unsupported and easily hacked against cyberattacks. (footnote[6]) The Brennan Center for Justice report was even referenced in an Esquire article where you could clearly see the fear of a possible Russian hack into our elections.(footnote[7]) Russia has been seen as the bad guy since the cold war and though tensions had calmed, they have popped back up as our biggest adversary. I personally do not want any foreign country to be able to hack into our elections, so why would we be using voting machines that are easily hackable. I would think our votes are important enough to make hackable equipment a big concern.

Donald Trump winning an election deemed unwinnable by anyone else other than Hillary Clinton brought many democratic voters and democratic politicians alike to speak out against the vulnerabilities of our voting equipment. In October of 2018 there was a poll released by The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy and The Associated Press NORC Center for Public Affairs Research that a majority of the public had concerns about the integrity of our voting equipment. In the poll, fifty-eight percent of democrats and thirty-nine percent of republicans, all shared that concern. (footnote[8])

After Donald Trump won, many law makers crusaded against our election machinery. A video put out by Dave Rubin, shows many politicians, including our champion of word salad and Vice-President, Kamala Harris speaking out against the machines. At the 5:25 mark of the video in the footnotes you will hear their distrust, starting with Shelia Jackson Lee.(footnote[9]) Why would they hold to the view that the machines could not be trusted in the years up until the 2020 election but as soon as their candidate wins, everything changes?

 The 2020 steal

                Many people used the fear of Russia to share their distrust of the voting machines that we still currently use. Who knew that two years later, those same people would claim that an election, with many forms of evidence, is perfect, and we are domestic terrorist if we keep digging. In early 2020, the world was hit with a virus that destroyed many of the normal aspects of our lives that we used to take for granted. In America, there were many states that completely shut down and did not allow public socializing, commerce, worship or a normal one-day election.

After eight months of being locked down with many warnings from Donald Trump that the democrats were getting ready to steal the general election, the day had finally come. For most who were watching the election, it seemed like Donald Trump had no chance of losing, as he was up in votes in many states, yet he ended up losing. The 2020 election left a bitter taste in many people’s mouths, and not just because the future of the country was about to be put into the hands of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Evidence of the election being stolen started coming out very quickly and people like Rudy Giuliani were seeking to find that evidence, he brought the receipts, but no one wanted to see it. As far as how the election was stolen, there are many ways to discuss, but like I said earlier, I will only talk about the machine aspects in this article.

Right after the election in Antrim County, Michigan, a conservative county, it was reported that Joe Biden had won the county by a landslide. Antrim County has been a republican stronghold and even though the county clerk had turned the results in, the clerk would continue to wonder. It was later discovered that a new software update had flipped the count. Different versions of ballots may have affected the update causing a cluster of errors in the county. The details of this were published in the Detroit Free Press, and to get a better understanding of their wording, you may want to read this article for yourselves. (footnote[10]) I do not trust the explanation of the error in Antrim County, but even if you do, how can we continue to trust the results of these machines when one error can completely flip a republican stronghold into a landslide for democrats. How many other areas in our great nation have had this error?

On August 10th through the 12th in South Dakota, Mike Lindell hosted an event where he wanted to share evidence, he had that the 2020 election was stolen through the machines. On the 12th there was something of interest that happened, a lady named Tina Peters, the Mesa County Clerk for Mesa County, Colorado, was on a plane headed to the event when she had heard that her office had been raided by the Secretary of State, Jena Griswold. Tina Peters had received reports from many of her constituents about how the election was stolen, and because of this, she decided to investigate the matter. After her investigations, she later stated,” she couldn’t unsee what she had seen.” Dominion later informed her that they wanted to update their machines, and because of Tina Peter’s foresight and suspicions, she decided to have a forensic image of the Dominion Machine’s hard drive before and after the upgrades. According to Tina Peters, Dominion made at the request of Jena Griswold, wiped the machines that Tina Peters had. The machines lost anything related to the 2020 election. Aren’t there laws against doing this? Thankfully, Tina Peters made that copy of the hard drive that showed what Dominion that Jena Griswold tried to hide.

 General Hacking, and knowledge of machines

                What if it can be proven the voting machines used in United States elections can easily be hacked? During an annual cybersecurity conference in2017, a voting village was erected to see if the attendees could hack the machinery and catch vulnerabilities. There were thirty voting machines, and all thirty machines were easily hacked. I found this information in an article posted by the hill.(footnote[11]) If every machine at this conference was hacked, why are the good people that now say our 2020 election could have been stolen now being called conspiracy nuts and domestic terrorist by the same people who fussed about the machines a few years before, like Kamala Harris. The article in the Hill did state that the voting machines could not be connected to the internet, but now, that too, is starting to sound like the” BIG LIE.”

In an article from ABC News published January 10th, 2020, ten cyber security experts specializing in voting systems and elections were interviewed. They stated that the machines themselves may not be designed to have internet access, but the voting systems end up on the internet regardless. The experts were able to find thirty-five voting systems left online and were still finding more. The article also states that,” The three largest voting manufacturing companies – Election Systems & Software, Dominion Voting Systems and Hart InterCivic --- have acknowledged they all put modems in some of their tabulators and scanners. The reason? So that unofficial election results can be more quickly relayed to the public. Those modems connect to cell phone networks, which, in turn, are connected to the internet.”(footnote[12]) So how can we keep hearing that nothing from our elections connects to the internet and our elections are the,” gold standard.”

Has anyone asked about the other devices used in an election? Like a smart home can have many devices that connect to the internet, we can now have,” smart elections.” The elections can often have scanners, poll books, and marking devices.  If you look on, you can find voting equipment used in your area, and in Alabama there is a company called Knowink that has pollbooks used in several counties in Alabama, and more across the United States. If you go to the Knowink website, it clearly states that their poll books connect to the internet.(footnote[13])

Anyone that looks to solutions of more complexity to solve simple issues, are just going to make everything more confusing. It does not take experts to count ballots and yet we let our representatives spend our tax money to rent voting machines that most of us cannot even understand. Most people still are not skilled with computers and cannot understand how a voting machine works if Dominion allowed us to look at the coding, and Dominion will never do that, then maybe we could regain some confidence in the process.

In a chart shared by the World Economic Forum, (yes, I will use their stuff to prove my points) there are three levels of computer literacy and only five percent were level three, which is people who can problem-solve over multiple steps and operations. Most people in this chart were not talented with computers to say the least. Two-thousand people were part of the study.([14]/[15]) So why are most of us allowing our votes to be cast in a process we can never understand?

In closing, some on one side see their votes being stolen by the country of Russia because our machines are decrepit and lack new software to defend our votes and on the other side, we see whole county results flipping because of an update error. Instead of fighting, why can we not come together and get rid of the machines we have all shared a negative opinion on at one time or another; We could save the money on renting machinery and pay more people to use better precision and hand count our votes accurately. If we have issues with the results, hand counting votes is a lot easier than trying to figure out these voting machines. If the representatives are willing to keep the machines, why can’t they put laws in place to correct the screw ups when they happen?

Our politicians could allow transparency instead of gaslighting and name-calling and reassure their constituents that we do indeed have free and fair elections chosen by the will of the people. The fact will always remain, the machines are hackable. Hand-counted ballots is the only solution.


Rob Lamar






this is where you see on the knowink/epulse website that their pollbooks connect to the internet

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