Alaska, Colorado, and Georgia Representatives Are On the Arizona Election Audit Floor And More States Expected To Join


After the Left’s “Big Lie” deception that there was no election or voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election, we now see a lot of activity in the key battleground states. While Democrats, their allies in the mainstream media, and their censoring tech tyrant friends in the social media world continue to deceive Americans by making claims that former President Donald Trump’s accusations of massive voter fraud are what they deem a “Big Lie,” officials that feel otherwise from multiple states are getting involved in figuring out just what really happened and what they can do in their states to make sure the level of fraud and cheating never happens again.

What hurts the Left’s argument is when they say there’s no evidence of massive voter fraud while the other side has listened to and seen evidence of massive voter fraud. People won’t be gaslighted anymore.

On Tuesday, three states got a tour of the Arizona Audit floor.

Representatives from Alaska, and Colorado, and Georgia toured the facility. This is what federalism is about. Fifty states mean fifty different ways of doing things and if one state does something better, then other states have the right to find out what they did and emulate it for their state. That’s happening right now and there’s nothing the Left’s deception can do about it.


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