Abrams Hates Georgia, Still Owns Two Houses There

Abrams Hates Georgia, Still Owns Two Houses There

Stacey Abrams is the gift that keeps on giving. No, not “jelly of the month club” style giving; instead, she is a bubbling, effervescent wellspring of hypocrisy, doublespeak, and ridiculousness that makes jobs like mine so much easier.

This is a woman who lost the Georgia governor’s race, then refused to concede because she thought she was cheated.

The same thing that President Trump did after the 2020 debacle. However, Abrams didn’t have Dinesen D’Souza and the film 2000 Mules to back up her scurrilous claims.

Trump didn’t at that point either, but he was clearly onto something. Abrams isn’t. She is simply a sore loser.

So now, the latest nugget from Abrams just further underscores how she isn’t the best person to run the state of Georgia. READ MORE...

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