300 Million Christians Persecuted


Tony Perkins Encourages International Freedom Summit 

Tony Perkins is a Washington DC fixture, having gone from being a Marine, to a police officer in Louisiana to working with the State Department to running for office in Louisiana, becoming a State Senator from Baton Rouge and on to Washington.

Famed Washington DC prayer leader Dick Simmons was his mentor, and moving from his Louisiana base, he was able to continue his Christian ministry through leadership of the Family Research Council and in 2018, becoming a member of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, a unique entity which came out of the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 which mandates an annual report on the state of religious freedom worldwide and to name countries of particular concern and was updated in 2016 with the Frank Wolf International Freedom Act to strengthen it’s efforts, honoring former Congressman Frank Wolf who was instrumental in its founding. 

From July 13-15, the first International Religious Freedom Summit will be held in Washington DC, co-hosted by former United States Commission on Internatioal Religious Freedom Chair Gayle Manchin and former Ambassador for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback and Perkins says encourages Churches to support this historic event in prayer and participation, either in person, or online as it will make a significant difference for the 300 million persecuted Christians worldwide”.

Perkins, shares with former Chair of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom  Gayle Mansion, the honor of being banned by China and considers it as a badge of courage that he is making a difference for the cause of Christ worldwide. 

“One of the key victories of President Donald J. Trump was his historic Religious Freedom accomplishments ranging from the moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the removal of the Johnson Ammendment which had prevented Pastors from speaking out on political issues to going to the United Nations, to sit alongside the Secretary General and strongly demand religious freedom worldwide.” He says.

“One of the lasting accomplishments of the administration, was the hosting along with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of the two International Religious Freedom Ministerials, hosted at the State Department, in cooperation with the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom to advance religious freedom worldwide.

The two International Freedom Ministerials were a wonderful touchstone to shed a light on the situation throughout the world where we estimate nearly 80% of the world live in some form of lack of religious freedom, and following up on the recent annual Religious Freedom Proclamation by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom and the 2020 International Religious Freedom Report by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken” concludes Perkins.

Perkins, encourages believers to go to www.USCIRF.org to get information on the Commission on International Religious Freedom -  most people don’t know is an official Government chartered institution dedicated to supporting religious freedom and also to register for the IRF Summit at www.irf summit.com and pry for and support the efforts to help the nearly 300 million believers who live under persecution and comprise nearly 80% of the persecuted in the world.



Amir George in Washington

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